What kind of benefits could an underwater pelletizer bring?

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What kind of benefits could an underwater pelletizer bring?

Underwater pelletizer, as the name implies, is a machine and equipment for cutting materials underwater. At present, this domestic technology is quite mature, and underwater pelletizers are used in many fields. So what are the benefits of the underwater pelletizer? Let's take a look together next.

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lTechnical characteristics of underwater pelletizer

lThe main advantages of an underwater pelletizer

Technical characteristics of underwater pelletizer

The underwater pelletizer changes the shape design of the screw, increases the thread spacing, and can fully plasticize and melt the plastic in the barrel when heated. The underwater pelletizer adopts a variable diameter type, which technically increases the relative service life of the screw. The barrel of the underwater pelletizer granulator is made of 45 steel after finishing and quenching. It has high hardness and a certain degree of wear resistance and corrosion resistance. The heating system of the underwater pelletizer granulator is composed of heating rings, which are distributed outside the barrel, uniformly heat and plasticize the materials in the barrel, and change the set temperature through the instrument control on the electric cabinet. In order to achieve the stability of the temperature in the barrel, the underwater pelletizer granulator adopts automatic temperature control and automatically cools down when the temperature is too high to increase the temperature stability of the barrel. The head of the underwater pelletizer adopts a parallel extruder head structure, and the thread is connected with the barrel, which saves time and effort when replacing the screen plate. The strips of the underwater pelletizer are cooled by the cooling system and then enter the pelletizer for rolling and pelletizing, which is convenient for packaging. The underwater pelletizer is equipped with a rolling feed wheel, which is driven by a motor to automatically transport the material into the fuselage and cut it off by the rolling blade in the fuselage.

The main advantages of an underwater pelletizer

The pellets of the underwater pelletizer can be kept uniform during storage, transportation, and feeding. The underwater pelletizer granulator has good fluidity and is easy to manage. The underwater pelletizer uses an automatic feeder because of its good fluidity and low adhesion. The storage and transportation of the underwater pelletizer are more economical. After the underwater pelletizer is pelletized, the production capacity can be increased by 40%-100%, which can reduce the storage capacity and save transportation costs.

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