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what is filler masterbatch

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what is Filler masterbatch: 

when doing plastic processing. the pellets obtained by additives, fillers and a small amount of carrier resin .The Performance and cost are primarily dependent on the carrier resin.

The content of the filler is several times higher than the amount required in the actual plastic product. In the molding process, the ratio of the masterbatch to the matrix resin must be adjusted accordingly.

The masterbatch can be generally divided into common filler masterbatch and functional masterbatch, such as a color masterbatch, an anti-fog drip masterbatch, and so on. The main component of the filler masterbatch is a filler ,for example caco3 can reach 85% high filling , which is mainly used for the processing of polyolefins (polyethylene and polypropylene), also known as polyolefin filler masterbatch.

The masterbatch is composed of a carrier resin, a filler and various additives. wherein the filler accounts for up to 90% of the main component. Filler masterbatch is mainly used in the production of polyolefin plastic . Such as: polyethylene hollow blow molding products, polyethylene injection molded products and polyethylene film,polypropylene woven bags, woven cloth and packing tape. Generally, when selecting the raw material and auxiliary materials , we have to consider the Use performance and the low cost . 

Nanjing haisi extrusion can supply twin screw extruder .ideal for polymer compounding and filler masterbatch .

meanwhile , we have explored the two stage extruder special for high filler with superior performance and good appearance masterbatch .

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