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Main Categories of Modified Plastics

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Main Categories of Modified Plastics

Main subdivision categories, consumer groups and market application of modified plastics.


1 Flame Retardant resin

Flame-retardant plastic products can greatly reduce the risk of fire caused by short circuit, overload, water immersion and so on.


2 Reinforcing and toughening resins

Mainly divided into weathering toughened pp special materials, glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic and other products.

(1) Weather-resistant toughened pp special material: weathering toughened pp special material is a new polypropylene material with the characteristics of engineering plastics, with good toughness at low-temperature , low forming shrinkage, high rigidity, strong weather resistance and other advantages, mainly for outdoor environment which needs weather-resistant and ultraviolet . The main consumer groups are household electrical appliance enterprises, auto parts enterprises and so on.

(2) Glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic: the main products are glass fiber reinforced as/abs, glass fiber reinforced PP, glass fiber reinforced nylon, glass fiber reinforced PBT/PET, glass fiber reinforced PC, glass fiber reinforced PPE/PPS and so on. The main consumer groups are computer accessories enterprises, machinery parts enterprises, power tools enterprises, lamps and lanterns enterprises and so on.

3 Plastic Alloy

Mainly divided into PC alloy, PVC alloy and polyester alloy and so on.

PC Alloy product features: high impact strength, creep resistance, heat-resistance, low water absorption, non-toxic, excellent dielectric properties, etc.

PC Alloy applications: Automotive dashboard, computer and office automation equipment, power tool housings, cellular phones, etc.

PVC/ABS Alloy: with PVC and ABS as the matrix, adding toughening agents, lubricants, stabilizers, flame retardants and many other modifiers produced.

Performance advantages: excellent mechanical properties, weathering resistance, processing rheological properties, good product surface gloss, good effect while injection molding and extruding. It is a very excellent alloy cost-effective material .

Applications: It can replace the flame-retardant and weather-resistance ABS, PC, etc., It is applied to household appliances shell, electrical switches, meter housings, lighting materials, communications network, building materials and so on.

Polyester Alloy: With excellent mechanical properties (fatigue-resistance), dimensional stability, chemical reagents, resistance to environmental stress cracking resistance. 

Applications: Automobiles, home appliances, electric tools and other fields.


4 Functional Color Masterbatch

Mainly refers to high impact toughened flame-retardant polystyrene masterbatch.

Features of color Masterbatch: both to reduce production costs and improve product quality.

(1) Meet the UL94, IEC-65 and GB8898 standards on the electrical appliances, electronic products flame-retardant requirements;

(2) Improve the toughness, processing fluidity and demoulding of HIPS resin;

(3) give the HIPS resin color.



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