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New extruder machine product release, exhibition news, important company notice, machine test running event and knowledge sharing of materials, all latest news about Haisi Extrusion you can find here.

Material Introduction

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  • 11-16 2018 +Read More
    [ Material Introduction ] PVC/CPE Blending Modification

    CPE can act as a compatibilizer between PVC and PE and can improve the properties of the blends. It is of great significance for the recycle and reuse of PVC and PE recycled plastics.

  • 11-14 2018 +Read More
    [ Material Introduction ] PVC Blending Modification

    The main methods of modification are chemical modification, filling modification, strengthening modification, blending modification and nanocomposite modification.

  • 10-31 2018 +Read More
    [ Material Introduction ] The difference between modified plastics and unmodified plastics

    In fact, any plastic raw material has at least a certain proportion of stabilizers when it leaves the factory to prevent it from degrading in storage, transportation and processing. Therefore, strictly speaking, "unmodified plastics" do not exist. In industry, basic resins produced by chemical plants are commonly called "unmodified plastics" or "pure resins".

  • 10-15 2018 +Read More
  • 10-12 2018 +Read More
    [ Material Introduction ] PP Blending modification

    Blending modification refers to the blending of other plastics, rubber, or thermoplastic elastomers with PP and filling them into larger crystal spheres in PP to improve the toughness and low temperature brittleness of PP.

  • 10-10 2018 +Read More
    [ Material Introduction ] Knowledge of PP Modification-Filling Modification

    PP is a common plastic raw material and one of the commonly used modified raw materials. The modification methods can be divided into four kinds: filling modification, strengthening and toughening modification, blending modification and functional modification.

  • 10-08 2018 +Read More
    [ Material Introduction ] Application of Polypropylene Foaming Materials

    Foamed PP has a broad development prospects.

  • 10-05 2018 +Read More
    [ Material Introduction ] Introduction of Polypropylene Foaming Materials

    Foamed plastics are widely used in various fields of daily life and industry due to their low density, good impact load absorption, good insulation, sound insulation and high specific strength.

  • 10-03 2018 +Read More
    [ Material Introduction ] Acrylic Elastomer Market Will Increase 8.7% Annually

    The market for acrylic elastomers will grow from $648.2 million in 2017 to $983.9 million in 2022, with an annual composite growth rate of 8.7 percent, according to the latest forecast by Markets and Markets, a leading U.S. market research firm.

  • 09-26 2018 +Read More
    [ Material Introduction ] Introduction of Five Common Food Package Material

    Special plastics for food packaging currently occupy the most important position in the field of food sales and packaging. It mainly includes PE, PP, PS, PET, PC, PVDC and so on.

  • 09-10 2018 +Read More
    [ Material Introduction ] PS Modification Formula

    Several formula of ps modification

  • 09-04 2018 +Read More
    [ Material Introduction ] Development trend of Flame Retardant PA66 in the Future

    The flame retardant modification of PA66 is mainly realized by two ways.

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