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  • Application of Nylon with Different Fiber Ratio


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  • The rigidity and hardness of the material can be significantly improved by glass fiber reinforcement, and the dimensional stability and heat resistance of the material can be significantly improved.


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  • Is there a strong engineering plastic with good toughness, rigidity and strength?


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  • Increase intensity Improves slippage Improved heat sealing performance: inclusion Improved low temperature heat sealability


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  • In the coloring of the plastic industry, pigments and masterbatches are used relatively extensively.


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  • Nanjing Haisi Extrusion supply twin screw extruder for 30% glass fiber reinforced PA6 modification​.


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  • Plastic extrusion is a process by which plastic is melted, formed into a shape and then cooled to create an end product. This process has been used for decades in the manufacturing industry and has proven to be highly efficient and cost-effective. It is used in many industries including automotive, aerospace, medical and consumer products. Engineer plastics extruders are specialized machines designed to create plastic parts through the process of extrusion. They are designed to work with different types of thermoplastics and can produce complex parts with high accuracy and repeatability. In this article, we will discuss the function of an engineer plastic extruder and how they can be used in various industries.


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  • The engineer plastic extruder​ is a valuable tool for the production of a wide range of plastic products. It has proven to be an invaluable asset for many industries as it enables manufacturers to produce high quality, mass-produced items at a lower cost. Its ability to work with different materials and shapes makes it an ideal choice for creating unique designs and customizing items that are otherwise difficult or impossible to create with traditional production methods. With its versatility and reliability, the engineer plastic extruder is sure to remain an essential piece of machinery in modern manufacturing processes.


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  • through blending modification, the comprehensive performance of plastics can be improved, the variety of plastics can be increased with relatively low investment, the use of plastics can be expanded, and the cost of plastics can be reduced.


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  • Factors affecting plastic shrinkage include plastic species, molding conditions, mold structure, etc. Different plastics have different shrinkage rates. In addition, the shrinkage rate of plastics has a lot to do with the shape of the plastic part, the complexity of the internal structure, and whether there are inserts.


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