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  • The main methods for implementing grafting reactions include solution method, melting method, solid-phase method, and radiation grafting method.


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  • Double-stage extruder (SP Series) and twin-screw extruder (TSE Series) are the main product series of Kairong Group & Haisi Extrusion. There are big differences between these two models.


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  • Injecting TPE materials requires strict control of temperature, pressure, injection speed, and other process parameters to ensure the production of high-quality finished products. Meanwhile, appropriate mold design and equipment maintenance are also key factors to ensure successful processing of TPE.


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  • PE has excellent mechanical processing performance, but its surface is inert and non-polar, resulting in poor printability, dyeing, hydrophilicity, adhesion, anti-static performance, and compatibility with other polar polymers and inorganic fillers. In addition, its wear resistance, chemical resistance, environmental stress cracking resistance, and heat resistance are poor, limiting its application range. Modification is needed to improve its performance and expand its application field.


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  • Plastic pelletizing systems are vital in the plastics industry, enabling the efficient production of uniform pellets or granules from various plastic materials, which can be used in a wide range of applications. The choice of system depends on the material, throughput, and quality requirements of the specific production process.


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  • Plastic compounding equipment is a common plastic processing equipment, which is used to mix different plastic raw materials together and make them into plastic granules or plastic sheets through processes such as heating and extrusion. The importance of plastic compounding equipment lies in its ability to provide an efficient plastic compounding process to ensure the quality and performance of plastic products.


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  • 20 key points of plastic modification formula. 1.masterbatch nucleus 2.Dispersant 3.Carrier resin 4.ABS plastic for PVC 5.ABS plastic and MBS plastic 6.CPE 7.PVC 8.EVA plastic raw material modified PVC plastic 9.PVC plastic and nitrile rubber (NBR) 10.Blending of PA plastic and PP plastic 11.Blending of natural rubber and PE 12.Compatibilizer 13.Reactive Compatibilizer 14.Classification of flame retardant grades for plastics 15.Routine precautions for dyeing modified plastics 16.Shortcomings of using titanate coupling agents 17.Aluminum ester coupling agent 18.Titanate 19.Aluminum ester 20.MBS modified plastic PVC


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  • Nylon and glass fiber injection molding generally use glass fiber modified raw materials. Has good rigidity and is a leader in rigid materials. However, we often encounter a phenomenon: what if high rigidity raw materials have poor impact resistance?


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  • But how to choose a suitable plastic pelletizing machine? In this article, we will walk you through the process of choosing a suitable plastic pelletizing machine, providing expert advice and practical tips.


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  • According to the functional differences of additives in improving plastics, from the perspective of increasing the processing characteristics of the base material, additives include: From the perspective of increasing the physical and chemical properties of the substrate, Instructions for use of various additives, Basic requirements for selecting additives and application considerations, Precautions for application of additives, Several common additives in the plastic modification industry.


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