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  • comprehensive look at the color masterbatch, including common classification, basic components, color masterbatch production process and equipment, and finally look at the application and future development of color masterbatch.


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  • EVA and PVC are both a kind of plastic, and the products they make are very common in our life. In many cases, these two materials can also substitute for each other, so many people can't tell the difference between them. Today, let's briefly introduce what material EVA and PVC are, and which is bet


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  • The technical innovation of Haisi twin screw extruder leads the development trend of color master industry application scope, higher production capacity and lower energy consumption; The twin-screw extruder and multidisciplinary technical cooperation and application make TSE series models more suitable for the production of color masterbatch industry.


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  • biodegradable plastic extruder has long been widely used in daily utensils, packaging products, furniture, industrial products and other industries. What are the applications of biodegradable plastic extruder?What are the advantages of using biodegradable plastic extruder?What should I pay attention


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  • The biodegradable plastic extruder offers numerous benefits in the agricultural sector. For example, in the pharmaceutical industry, some packaging products made by biodegradable plastic extruder can not only ensure the safety of pharmaceutical ingredients but also greatly reduce packaging costs. Wh


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  • New materials are the foundation of the development of modern science and technology, and biodegradable plastics are new types of plastic materials. As the world's need to improve the environment becomes more and more evident, the application of biodegradable plastics has been called the most effect


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  • Mechanical principle of single screw extruder


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  • twin screw extruders have the extruder principles of single screw extruders: conveying solids, melting, pressurizing and pumping, mixing, stripping and degassing, but not easy. Research on twin screw extrusion theory began late, combined with its many types, complex screw geometry and complex extrus


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  • Haisi Extrusion supply twin screw extruder for engineering plastic compounding


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  • Nanjing Haisi Extrusion Equipement has many years of practical experience, reliable quality, long service life and good after-sales!


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