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  • The extrusion machines in the domestic plastic industry are roughly divided into two categories: single screw extruder and twin screw extruder. Because these two types of equipment have their own characteristics, they are widely used in the plastic industry.


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  • The conical twin-screw feeder solves the complicated feeding procedure in the prior art plastic granulation process, and realizes the conical twin-screw feeding integrated unit for stable and continuous feeding to the extruder.


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  • This article introduces the basic principles of twin screw extrusion of plastics, including Mechanical principles,Thermal principle,Deceleration principle,The feed acts as a coolant,In the feed zone, sticks to the barrel & slides onto the screw,Materials cost the most,Energy costs are relatively unimportant,The pressure at the end of the screw is very important,Output = displacement of last thread +/- pressure flow and leakage,Shear rate plays a major role in viscosity, and The motor is opposed to the barrel these aspects.


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  • The twin screw extruder has a wide range of applications, and can process and produce a variety of products. We need to choose different auxiliary machines to adapt or improve the material characteristics, and make products perfect.


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  • In the daily production of twin screw extruders, necessary maintenance work needs to be carried out on the gearbox


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  • in order to meet the needs of different uses, chemical or physical methods are used to change some properties of plastic products to achieve the intended purpose, which is plastic modification.


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  • Q1.The length is larger than the normal pelletA: Cause of occurrence:The main reasons are: starting the machine, pulling or breaking the strip, the direction of the strip is not straight, the strip is not properly soaked in water, and the cutting tool of the granulator is worn or has gaps.Main solut


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  • We are familiar with TPE materials as formula materials, which are composed of SEBS, plastics, filling oil, fillers, and other additives. Based on SEBS and other related materials, they all have good processing performance and an important processing process called "granulation". The granulation pro


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  • The meshing type co-rotating parallel twin screw extruder has the advantages of high conveying efficiency, strong dispersion and mixing ability, good self-cleaning performance, uniform distribution of material residence time in the machine and good adaptability, and is widely used in blending modification between different plastics and between plastics and rubber.


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  • With the progress of society, the car floor mat industry has become increasingly mature, and the raw materials used have also been concentrated from the original XPE, EVA and other materials to PVC, and TPE materials that have sprung up in recent years.TPV and TPE are the current mainstream material


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