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  • The specific structure of plastic twin-screw extruders is based on the actual twin-screw extruders, and specially designed twin-screw extruders can be divided into meshing types and non-meshing types according to the relative positions of the two screws. Plastic twin-screw extruders can arrange and combine thread elements and barrel elements of various geometric shapes. Based on experience-theory-practice-test, the design can be optimized for different mixing requirements to adapt to the needs of different process formulas, making the co-rotating twin-screw extruder highly adaptable.


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  • As an environmentally friendly mechanical production equipment, plastic pelletizers produce useful granular plastics, but for these plastic production machinery and equipment, necessary maintenance is still required, especially in daily life. Some maintenance before and after production can maintain the normal operation of the equipment and extend its service life, which is also very good for users.


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  • Application Classification and Characteristics of Plastic Recycling Pelletizer Crushed material recycling and granulation production line: Film material two-stage single-screw granulation production line: Nylon waste filament and fishing net single screw recycling and pelletizing production line:


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  • The six basic characteristics of flame retardant PP:1. Mechanical properties 2. Physical performance 3. Chemical stability 4. Thermal performance 5. Weathering resistance 6. Electrical performance


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  • When we really want the additive to be evenly distributed throughout the polymer matrix, we would claim that we need to improve dispersion. Or we design the screw to have a distribution mixing element, but the material is easy to agglomerate and needs to be dispersed first before being distributed.


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  • The screw of the parallel twin screw extruder in the same direction is designed based on the principle of integration, and can be replaced and combined according to different material needs. When disassembling the screw, the material inside the main machine should be drained as much as possible (if the material is high viscosity plastic such as PC or medium viscosity plastic such as ABS and POM, PP or PE material can be added to clean the chamber before parking). Then, the main machine and various auxiliary machines should be stopped, and each section of the electric heater can still maintain normal operation. Then, the screw should be replaced according to the following steps.


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  • Plastic modification is a method of improving the quality of plastics by adding additives, fillers, etc. to alter their properties. Meanwhile, plastic modification is also the most effective way to reduce the cost of plastics. The elements of formula design in plastic modification mainly include material selection, compounding, dosage, and mixing method. The interaction between various elements can be either mutual assistance or mutual cancellation. Therefore, designing a high-performance, easy to process, and low-cost formula is not an easy task.


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  • Nylon (PA) has a series of excellent properties such as high mechanical strength, chemical resistance, oil resistance, wear resistance, self-lubricating, and easy processing and molding, and has become one of the widely used thermoplastic engineering plastics both domestically and internationally.


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  • Thermoplastic elastomers, abbreviated as TPE or TPR, are also referred to by many as SBS, a specific type of elastomer. But in reality, there is no unified name for thermoplastic elastomers both domestically and internationally, and most of the time they are represented by the English abbreviation TPE.


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  • PVC needs to add additives in processing in order to produce various products that meet people's needs, such as soft, hard, transparent, good electrical insulation, foaming, etc. When selecting the variety and dosage of additives, it is necessary to comprehensively consider various factors, such as physical and chemical properties, flowability, and formability, in order to ultimately establish an ideal formula.


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