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twin screw extruder

These are related to the twin screw extruder news, in which you can learn about the updated information in twin screw extruder, to help you better understand and expand twin screw extruder market. Because the market for twin screw extruder is evolving and changing, so we recommend that you collect our website, and we will show you the latest news on a regular basis.
  • Plastic extrusion is to extrude molten plastic through a mold into a shape with a fixed cross-section. It is an effective method to produce a variety of shapes and is essential in industrial and household product applications. Since plastics are melted from a solid form and then liquefied, only ther


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  • The technical support of pvc pelletizing is operated by a pvc pelletizing machine. Its main working method is wet pelletizing. A certain amount of water or steam is used to make the basic fertilizer fully chemically react in the cylinder after the humidity is adjusted.


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  • The types of materials that can be made by twin-screw granulators are:1) Glass fiber, the temperature is too low, the resin is semi-melted, and the glass fiber is poorly coated in the latter stage; the temperature is too high, the resin flow is increased, the tempering and shearing action is small,


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  • What is the difference between a conical twin-screw, a parallel counter-rotating twin-screw, and a parallel co-rotating twin-screw extruder?Classification of twin-screw extruderAccording to the direction of rotation of the twin-screw, the extruder can be divided into two extruders: the same directio


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  • The biodegradable starch granule extruder machine work successfully in America !Early of This year, Kairong machinery customized a new extruder machine special for making starch and glycerinum granules !The biodegradable plastic extruder machine output approx 100 kg/h. All biodegradable material ins


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  • The characteristics of the Roots vacuum pump are: quick start, low power consumption, low operation and maintenance cost, high pumping speed, high efficiency


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  • Package and delivery of the plastic extrusion line for Turkey customer


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  • Here is the TSE-95D (TSH-95B) twin screw extruder.The gearbox is D type, which is better than the B type.Some photos of the machine test running in water strand pelletizing line.


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  • Blending modification refers to the blending of other plastics, rubber, or thermoplastic elastomers with PP and filling them into larger crystal spheres in PP to improve the toughness and low temperature brittleness of PP.


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  • PP is a common plastic raw material and one of the commonly used modified raw materials. The modification methods can be divided into four kinds: filling modification, strengthening and toughening modification, blending modification and functional modification.


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